Industrial Refrigeration Division

Employ of more than 2600 units of compressors in hundred cold stores and block–ice plants with capacity of one hundred thousand tons of production and producing of more than 6000 tons of ice per day represent the activity and engineering and technical possibilities of this division.

This division has wide range of activities in field of engineering and consulting actions and manufacturing of accessories for industrial refrigeration and supplying of original spare parts, erection services and repair works of Grasso compressors as follows:

1. Manufacture of water-cooled and evaporative condensers with various capacities in the range of 150,000 to 2,500,000 kcal/h. All manufactured condensers are completely hot-dipped galvanized with galvanization thickness of 60 to 100 microns for the Ammonia refrigerant, all utilized pipes are seamless steel pipes, causing minimum drop in refrigerant throughput.

2. Manufacture of finned-tube evaporators for various heat exchange methods of types natural, forced, and immersion, with defrost possibilities with hot gas, water or electricity. These evaporators down to -40 C for the ammonia refrigerant.

3. Manufacture of high-pressure vessels of various capacities with steel pipes of 15 mm thickness and special welding to withstand pressures up to 30 bars, as well as incorporating best quality safety valves, pressure gauges, and liquid sight glass.

4. Manufacture of standard block ice molds with 1.5 mm totally galvanized steel plates.

5. Manufacture of base frames and drive guards for 2-cylinder up to 12-cyllinder refrigeration compressors, and packaging compressor complete with electric drive motor and oil separator.

6. Supply of all kinds of Grasso compressors.

7. Supply of all kinds of original spare parts for Grasso compressors. For easy and quick access of customers a considerable amount of original spare parts of mentioned compressor have been made available in Mahyar store.

8. Design and engineering works, construction of cold store, freezing tunnel and block ice plant.